The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. It’s gradually becoming obvious to most people that natural skin care products are safer and are better for your skin, provided enough research has been made on skin type and the products. With verified and authentic organic products you can achieve glowing, healthy, gorgeous skin. Yes, all these and more are true of placing premium priority on organic products.

At Tearazh Organics, we have carried out several research works on natural and organic skincare. After a while we came to the realization that organic skincare is the way to go, this is long before they became trendy and fashionable. If you’re looking for a skincare range that works with your skin to help it become its healthiest and most radiant self then you should go for our organic skincare products. They’re safer and better.

Recently the awareness of some of the really nasty chemicals that are used in skincare products is becoming glaring, and the evidence of their dangers. Now you know better, you want to do better. Our organic products at Tearzah are naturally produced. They will protect you from UV damage, help refresh and freshen the skin as well as reducing the looks of age lines and wrinkles. All our organic skincare products are made from ingredients that are completely natural, no chemicals or preservatives needed.

We are committed to the wellness of our clients, to the idea that natural and less processed products are the best, and this flows from the foods you eat to the products you use on your skin. By choosing our organic products you are protecting your skin for the future, It’s a commitment to the long game of true health and wellness. Your skin is a fully functioning organ, like your liver, heart, kidneys, and brain. It serves to protect you from and interact with the world outside of your body. One of your skin’s important roles as an organ is detoxification. Our organic skincare products help detoxify the skin and body. These lines of products work in partnership with the immune system in your skin. As the bacteria in your digestive tract they can be beneficial or inflammatory and damaging. Chemicals in products you use on your skin can alter the balance of bugs on your skin.

Much of what we use on our skin is absorbed into our body such as medical patches like HRT and nicotine patches. Toxins and chemicals absorbed into the body from our skin can be more harmful than that which went in by eating. When we eat and it’s absorbed, it has to get past our liver first before it can be harmful to our body. There is no chemical processing plant and filter like your liver that helps to protect you from the harmful substances absorbed into your body via your skin.

Our skin has its own processes, it heals, regenerates and detoxifies overnight while you’re sleeping, and using the wrong products can interfere with this process. At Tearazh Organics, we understand that natural skincare is a way to show that you recognize and honor your skin, this has loads of benefits. Our Organic skincare products ensure that you have options that protect the skin and provide nutrients also.

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