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Hey You

Dear Beloved Friends,

Thank you for trusting us.  We are truly honored that you used our products and services to invest in yourself.

We humbly take pride in creating treats you’ll love.  Tearzah Organics are handmade natural treats carefully blended to provide nourishment and restoration to our friend’s and family’s skin and hair. Our mission is not only to share wonderfully crafted decadent organics, but to help minority owned business leaders to increase their bottom line through providing supplementary services and products to cater to their existing and future clients.  Our vision is not only to develop partners, but to discover friends in the community.

Tearzah Organics management consulting services include product set up, marketing support, white label services, and wholesale prices. Our prowess becomes your secret weapon, by providing strategy with tactical resources to increase your company’s bottom line.

One of the greatest pleasures for working with Tearzah Organics is our corporate responsibility strategy to support systemic resilience in youth and their communities through the Adopt a Zip Code Project.  So, not only do we help our friends increase the bottom line and ROI, we empower our partners to build equity and capacity in future generations.

It’s our pleasure to serve you!